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By authors Oct14,2022
ndtv gadgetsndtv gadgets

NDTV Gadgets, India’s leading technology news website, offers the latest news and reviews on the latest gadgets across all platforms including Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and more. NDTV Gadgets covers technology reviews of consumer electronic devices as well as tips and tricks and tutorials to help you get the most out of your gadgets. The website also has extensive coverage of the latest technology trends, covering everything from wearable tech to green living. With original reports and opinion pieces by some of India’s leading technology journalists, NDTV Gadgets is the ultimate gadget guide in India.

What is personal tech( ndtv gadgets)?

Personal tech is fundamentally different from professional tech because it takes into account your personal preferences and habits. Of course, for many people that boils down to what smartphone you use—but don’t underestimate how important your work computer setup is to get things done each day. Most of us spend hours a day in front of our screens, so making sure you have a display that isn’t negatively impacting your vision can be more productive than you’d think; by lowering eye strain and fatigue, you might actually make your hours at work more efficient. And if there are any tech products that help increase productivity at home or on the go (like an Apple Watch or Kindle), be sure to include those too! After all, everyone deserves a little R&R time.

How to select good Cameras for Photography?

The world of digital cameras is constantly changing and evolving with new camera models coming out almost every week. There are two primary types of cameras you can use: Point-and-shoot digital cameras are easy to operate; some have swivelling LCDs that you can rotate for taking self-portraits without asking a friend for help. Digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras have all sorts of features, like manual controls that allow you to control lighting conditions and exposure settings in addition to automatic options.

When you’re buying a digital camera, one important consideration is megapixels — or millions of pixels — which help determine image resolution. Typically speaking, more megapixels mean better photos with more detail and clarity. If high-quality images are your goal then opt for at least 3 MP, but 5 MP or greater will deliver even better results and enough resolution for larger prints from standard sizes such as 4×6 inches up through 16×20. Consider something in 10MP or above if your main reason for buying a digital camera is getting professional prints rather than printing snapshots at home on your photo printer.

Screens & Displays

Let’s face it: A significant amount of us stare at screens all day long — a recent study found that more than half of workers check their phones more than 50 times a day! We know how easy it is to get sucked in by your smartphone or tablet. But do you know how bad that blue light can be for your eyes? It disrupts your circadian rhythm and can throw off sleep quality if you don’t give yourself regular breaks from it, says Dr.

Computers & Accessories

Computer peripherals have undergone a sea change with new developments in wireless computing, storage solutions and more recently tablets. As most of us spend a good chunk of our lives in front of computers it is important that we make sure we buy quality hardware that won’t let us down when we need it most. Getting to choose from an array of manufacturers including Dell, Apple and Acer might seem like paradise for some but others would rather just stick with what works for them; mostly because they already know how everything functions. But even if you don’t fall into either camp be sure to check out NDTV Gadgets before you decide anything as they are well known for unbiased reviews that allow readers to make informed decisions before splashing out cash on new tech purchases!

Home Theatre

Whether you want to upgrade your TV or simply get in-home entertainment up to speed with your iPod dock or blurry player, NDTV Gadgets brings you all of India’s top home theatre products in one convenient place. With so many innovations happening in our video game console, TV screen, remote controls and car audio systems—you can be sure that when you buy a new system today it will last you for years to come—and won’t break your budget either!

Consoles & Accessories

The console market is better than ever right now with PlayStation 4 & Xbox One both doing well in sales. Despite their relatively small install base compared to previous-gen consoles. The Wii U is also giving PS4 & Xbox One a run for their money. However, when it comes to accessories almost all of them are universal across all of these devices which means you can pick up any DualShock 4 controller from Sony or an official Xbox One controller from Microsoft and use it on your preferred platform without needing any kind of adaptor or configuration switch. For games, though there is one thing that is specific to each device – downloaded titles purchased through PSN/Xbox Live (or discs bought at retail).

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