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123Movies – Free Movie Streaming | Hollywood and Bollywood


123movies: Watching movies is a very entertaining activity that is liked by many of us. Watching movies makes us feel relaxed; some movies make us cry, and some movies make us laugh. Watching movies is very good for our bodies to get relaxed and joyful. There are many platforms that release movies for their audience; 123Movies is one of them, but there are many flaws to watching movies on 123Movies. So, let’s see what they are.

123Movies is a torrent website that leaks movies and shows illegally, which is prohibited by the government. The 123Movies website leaks all the latest Hollywood movies, TV shows, and web series for free. Everyone is accessible to this website, and anyone can download movies and TV shows from it. But as these movies are copywritten, they are called pirated content, and piracy is a crime. We do not support such websites, and we recommend you use legal ways to download a movie. Be careful with such websites. At present, there is no website named 123Movies. This website was banned in 2018. There are many spammy websites that have similar domain names, which redirect the user to different ads. Do not believe such websites.

123movies for shows

123Movies used to leak the latest shows from Hollywood and Bollywood for free. On the dashboard of the website, there was a button named shows, which used to redirect you to the shows page, where you would find many of the latest shows from Bollywood and Hollywood. The shows section of 123Movies was specifically for the shows and the latest shows to download and watch.

123Movies is safe?

No 123Movies is not at all a safe website because it is a pirated and torrented website. It leaks the copywritten content, and it is against the policies. 123Movies has many spammy links that redirect you to unwanted pages, and sometimes it also tries to take your personal data through spammy website ads. We recommend you not get bluffed through such sites. Downloading movies for free feels cool, but it can put you in very big trouble. Some of the torrent websites may be hubs of viruses and can harm your devices very badly. As copywriting and torrenting movies without permission is an illegal act, we recommend you not use such websites and use the legal way to download and watch movies in a chill mood.

Will 123 movies give you a virus?

123Movies is a torrent website that provides movies for free, so many movie enthusiasts come to the platform to download or watch the movies. It has a huge audience, and it has many sponsored ads on the website. Some of the ads are very spammy, which may infect your devices. We are not sure about the viruses, but they can internally harm your devices. There are many cases in which people get trapped on such websites. As this type of website may harm your data and device, we recommend you use a legal platform to watch and download movies and shows.

Why is 123Movies not working?

123Movies is a pirated movie torrent website that exports pirated movies to its official webpage. As this act is against Google policies, this website is now removed and banned. This is the reason 123Movies is now not available, but there are many alternate websites that have the same domain name, and these websites are fake. To download or watch movies for free, you can use websites like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Voot, Netflix, etc.

Which 123 movies are real?

123movies.pk.com is the real website till now, but we can’t say that it is a legitimate website for downloading or streaming movies and shows. 123movies.pk.com can shut down at any time because of its privacy policies. There are many alternative domains, like:

Domain names:
Movierulz.inbolllyflix com
ibomma new movies123movie.apk
ibomma.combolllyflix com
123 movies.com123movies.in

What 123Movies site works

123movies is a website that leaks Bollywood Hollywood, Hindi movies, Punjabi movies, Hindi dubbed, Malayalam movies, Ullu web series, TV series, etc. for free. It is a public torrent website for downloading and streaming movies without a subscription. To download or watch the movies, you have to register on the official website of 123Movies, then log in and download the movies you like.

123Movies: How to Download Videos

Step 1:

To download movies from 123movies, you have to visit the official website of 123movies, which is 123movies.pk.com.

Step 2:

On the right top of the dashboard, you can see the login button. “Click on it.”

Step 3:

If you did not register on the website, you have to register using your personal details like email and username, and then log in.

Step 4:

After logging in, you can find the dashboard, which consists of all the latest movies and shows.

Step 5:

In the left corner, you can see the menu bar with three lines. Click on it.

Step 6:

You can find different types of options, like Bollywood Hollywood, Hindi movies, Punjabi movies, Hindi dubbed, Malayalam movies, Ullu web series, TV series, etc.

Step 7:

Click on the option you want, and you will be redirected to the respective option that you have chosen.

Step 8:

Now click on the movie or show that you want to download and click the download button.

Step 9:

Then your movie will be downloaded to your respective device.



Torrenting and copywriting movies and shows are against government policies. Websites like 123Movies can be very harmful to your devices. We recommend you not visit websites like 123Movies to download or watch movies. You can use legal ways to download movies and entertain yourself. Walladigital does not promote such websites and any other copywritten content. This blog is just for informational purposes.

Can 123Movies be trusted?

123movies cannot be trusted. As the official website may be closed or banned due to privacy and copywriting issues other fake websites like 123movies may appear on the search result page. These websites may be very dangerous as they can use your personal data.

List of Latest movies in Hollywood:

Here are the movie names for you in alphabetical order:

  1. 65
  2. A Good Person
  3. Acidman
  4. Adalynn
  5. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
  6. Baby Ruby
  7. Boston Strangler
  8. Bruiser
  9. Chang Can Dunk
  10. Champions
  11. Children of the Corn
  12. Cocaine Bear
  13. Consecration
  14. Craving
  15. Creed III
  16. Detective Knight: Independence
  17. Dog Gone
  18. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves
  19. Fear
  20. Freedom’s Path
  21. God’s Time
  22. House Party
  23. Jesus Revolution
  24. John Wick: Chapter 4
  25. Kids vs. Aliens
  26. Knock at the Cabin
  27. Life Upside Down
  28. Linoleum
  29. Luther: The Fallen Sun
  30. Magic Mike’s Last Dance
  31. Malum
  32. Maybe I Do
  33. M3GAN
  34. Missing
  35. Moving On
  36. Murder Mystery 2
  37. Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre
  38. Palm Trees and Power Lines
  39. Plane
  40. Scream VI
  41. Shazam! Fury of the Gods
  42. Shotgun Wedding
  43. Sick
  44. Somebody I Used to Know
  45. Space Oddity
  46. Spinning Gold
  47. Supercell
  48. Tetris
  49. The Devil Conspiracy
  50. The Drop
  51. The Locksmith
  52. The Magician’s Elephant
  53. The Old Way
  54. The Outwaters
  55. The Son
  56. There’s Something Wrong with the Children
  57. Unseen
  58. We Have a Ghost
  59. When You Finish Saving the World
  60. Wildflower
  61. Your Place or Mine
  62. You People
  63. A Little White Lie
  64. The Tutor
  65. The Year Between

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