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By authors Jan16,2023

Crunchyroll is an anime website which provides you with all the latest anime. You can easily sign in to the website by registering yourself and creating your account on the Crunchyroll website. It is an independently operated property which is in partnership with US-based Sony pictures entertainment and Japan’s Abi plex which is a subsidiary of Sony entertainment. The latest anime is released on the website for watching. There are many anime movies on this website which are easy to watch and download. Crunchyroll has the largest dashboard which provides us with information about the latest episodes of anime series. As this website has many of the latest anime series it gets a huge audience. Nowadays anime has a huge fan following for its thrilling series.

Crunchyroll live streaming

Crunchyroll provides streaming of the newest and the latest anime series on its website. There are huge fans for the streaming of the anime series. It streams the latest episodes of anime on its official website. Many websites provide the latest anime but Crunchyroll is the only website that streams it live on the webpage. If you are fans of anime u can surely visit the website and have a live stream.

Crunchyroll latest events

The events which are related to anime are also organized by Crunchyroll. In this event, they launch the newest and the latest anime series promos which are loved by their audience. As this event is about the anime audience from many countries joining these events for exploring the latest anime series.

Theatrical distribution

In the US and Japan, the theatrical distribution of anime series is also provided by the team of Crunchyroll. The latest and most popular anime series are also realised in the cinema halls of Japan and the USA.

Mobile games

With the growth in the fan following of anime, people are loving to play games which are related to anime and the games which are designed as the characters of anime. All such games are also provided on the webpage of Crunchyroll. On this webpage, you can easily search for your fav anime game and download it through the browser of Crunchyroll webpage. Many people download the games through other sources but they do not get the exact game of anime through the Crunchyroll webpage you can easily download the games and play. There are various types of games which are available on this web page. Through the search box on the webpage, you can easily get the one you want to download.


On the browser of Crunchyroll, you can easily get everything which you are searching for.

Popular anime on Crunchyroll

Series Names

More than a married couple but not loversSeries
Shinonle no ittoklSeries
Mobile sult gudan the witch from mercurySeries
Tomo chan is a girlSeries
Boruto Naruto next generationsSeries
Do it yourselfSeries
The daily life of the immortal kingSeries
Raven of the inner palaceSeries
Berserk the golden age arc -memorial editionSeries
The iceblade sorcerer shall rule the worldSeries
Arknight PERLUDE TO DWANSeries
Vinland sagaSeries
Handyman saltou in another worldSeries
Legend of mama the teardrop crystalSeries
X the storySeries

Crunchyroll Latest News

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