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filmyzilla com is a website which provides all the latest movies to stream online and download. it is the largest pirated website which leaks movies from all domains like Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood and all the latest web series for free.
filmyzilla com has a great user interface it is an easily navigatable website. the website consists of all the files of the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies

User analytics of Filmyzilla:

Organic Search Traffic: FilmyZilla receives a substantial amount of organic search traffic, with 95.6K monthly visits. This indicates a strong presence in search engine results pages (SERPs), likely due to its extensive keyword coverage.

Keywords: FilmyZilla ranks for 244 keywords, covering a variety of intents including informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional. This broad keyword coverage contributes to its high organic search traffic.

Backlinks: While FilmyZilla has a relatively low number of backlinks (3) and referring domains (3), it’s worth noting that backlinks from multiple domains can still contribute to organic search visibility. However, focusing on building high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites could further improve its search engine rankings.

Top Organic Keywords: The top organic keywords for FilmyZilla include terms related to movie downloads and streaming, such as “mp4moviez filmyzilla” and “filmyzilla hd”. These keywords likely drive a significant portion of its organic search traffic.

Competitive Positioning: FilmyZilla faces competition from other websites in the same niche, such as and Understanding the strategies and tactics employed by competitors can help FilmyZilla refine its own SEO and content strategies to maintain or improve its position in the market.

Indexed Pages: The indexed pages for FilmyZilla appear to be hosted on, suggesting that this domain is likely the primary website for the platform.

Overall, FilmyZilla appears to be a popular website for downloading and streaming movies, with a strong presence in organic search results. Continuously optimizing its SEO, content, and backlink strategies can help FilmyZilla maintain and improve its visibility in search engine results pages.

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Website analysis of Filmyzill:

Performance (77):

The website’s performance score is moderate, indicating room for improvement.
The First Contentful Paint (FCP) and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) metrics are relatively fast, showing good initial loading times.
However, Total Blocking Time (TBT) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) are areas of concern, suggesting potential issues with interactivity and visual stability during page load.
Speed Index (SI) is decent, indicating a relatively quick rendering of visible content.

Accessibility (94):

FilmyZilla performs well in accessibility, with a score of 94.
However, there are opportunities to improve contrast for better legibility, which could enhance accessibility further.

Best Practices (96):

The website mostly adheres to best practices, with a score of 96.
It serves images with low resolution, which might impact user experience, especially for media-heavy websites like FilmyZilla.
SEO (93):

The SEO score of 93 suggests that FilmyZilla is following basic search engine optimization principles.
However, it doesn’t use legible font sizes on mobile devices, which could affect its mobile-friendliness and search engine rankings.

The website faces several issues related to Progressive Web App (PWA) optimization.
It does not meet installability requirements, lacks a custom splash screen, and doesn’t set a theme colour for the address bar, affecting the user experience and discoverability as a PWA.
Overall, FilmyZilla demonstrates decent performance and adherence to accessibility, best practices, and SEO standards. However, there are notable areas for improvement, particularly in addressing Total Blocking Time, Cumulative Layout Shift, mobile-friendliness, and PWA optimization. Rectifying these issues could lead to a better user experience, improved search engine visibility, and enhanced performance for FilmyZilla.

New Bollywood Movies 2023 at Filmyzilla

» UnWoman (2023) Hindi Movie
» Bed No 17 (2023) Hindi Movie
» Carry on Jatta 3 (2023) Hindi Movie
» To Kill a Tiger (2023) Hindi Movie
» Bobbys Friends (2023) Hindi Movie
» Khichdi 2 (2023) Hindi Movie
» Ajab Gajab Dhamal (2023) Hindi Movie
» Baipan Bhari Deva (2023) Hindi Movie
» Bhoot Bandhus And The Power Of Three (2023) Hindi Movie
» Once Upon Two Times (2023) Hindi Movie
» Shastry Virudh Shastry (2023) Hindi Movie
» Safed (2023) Hindi Movie
» Kho Gaye Hum Kahan (2023) Hindi Movie
» Dry Day (2023) Hindi Movie
» Daayre (2023) Hindi Movie
» Parastree (2023) Hindi Movie
» Orange Lilly (2023) Hindi Movie
» Out of Time (2023) Hindi Movie
» Joram (2023) Hindi Movie
» Kadak Singh (2023) Hindi Movie
» Samosa and Sons (2023) Hindi Movie
» Dastaan-E-Sirhind (2023) Hindi Movie
» Starfish (2023) Hindi Movie
» Farrey (2023) Hindi Movie
» Majbooriyan (2023) Hindi Movie

New Bollywood Movies 2022 at Filmyzilla

» Ittu Si Baat (2022) Hindi Movie
» Haami 2 (2022) Hindi Movie
» Mimamsa (2022) Hindi Movie
» Lokkhi Chhele (2022) Hindi Movie
» Darpok (2022) Hindi Movie
» Subway (2022) Hindi Movie
» Tich Button (2022) Hindi Movie
» Chitrakut (2022) Hindi Movie
» Haryana (2022) Hindi Movie
» Dharmaveer (2022) Hindi Movie
» Sarsenapati Hambirrao (2022) Hindi Movie
» Kahani Rubberband Ki (2022) Hindi Movie
» My Dear Sir (2022) Hindi Movie
» All That Breathes (2022) Hindi Movie
» Subhagi (2022) Hindi Movie
» Mini (2022) Hindi Movie
» Mann Kasturi Re (2022) Hindi Movie
» Raktbeej (2022) Hindi Movie
» Green Signal (2022) Hindi Movie
» Dear Molly (2022) Hindi Movie
» VED (2022) Hindi Movie
» Purvanchal Diaries (2022) Hindi Movie
» Junglemahal The Awakening (2022) Hindi Movie
» Cottage No 1303 (2022) Hindi Movie
» Cirkus (2022) Hindi Movie

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