How to Report Black Hat SEO?

By authors Mar23,2023
How to Report Black Hat SEO?How to Report Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO practices are unethical and outside the standards imposed by search engines. To ensure a fair playing field for all websites and avoid spamming of search results, it is crucial to report such acts. We’ll go over the procedures for reporting such types of SEO in this blog.

SEO is a search engine optimization technique which is used to optimise your website on search engines. by optimization, the website, and the search engines help the website to rank on the top listed page and position.

Step 1:

Collect Data Prior to reporting any alleged black hat SEO activity, it’s critical to have sufficient proof to back up your assertion. The website pages, URLs, and any other pertinent data that you might use to support your claim should be screenshotted.

Step 2:

Identify the Search Engine: Finding the search engine that the website is ranking on is the first step in reporting black hat SEO behaviour. Each of the top search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo, has its own reporting framework. To make sure you follow the right approach, you should review the instructions for reporting black hat SEO behaviour on the search engine’s website.

Step 3:

Inform the search engine: After the search engine has been identified, you may inform them of the dark hat SEO behaviour. While each search engine has its own reporting mechanism, generally speaking, you may report spam or improper behaviour using the webmaster tools of those search engines. Google, for example, offers a spam complaint form that you may use to report black hat SEO activity.

Step 4:

Please inform the website owner. You can contact the website owner and let them know about the type of SEO activity you know them. People could quit such practices even when they aren’t aware of them. You may get in touch with the website owner via email or using the website’s contact form.

Step 5:

Inform the appropriate authorities. You can inform the appropriate authorities, such as law enforcement agencies, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), or the Internet Crime Complaint Center, if you believe that black hat SEO is a component of a wider illegal operation (IC3). They can involve hacking, phishing, or any other kind of criminality.


Reporting such type of SEO activity is essential to maintain the integrity of the search engine results and prevent malicious activities. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can report black hat SEO activity to the relevant authorities and search engines. It is important to gather evidence and follow the correct procedure to ensure that your report is considered seriously and acted upon.

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