What is Marketing Automation?(2022)

By authors Oct12,2022
Marketing AutomationMarketing Automation

The marketing strategies made by using automation tools are called marketing automation. Marketing automation software and tools were theorized and introduced to the world only a decade ago. The main purpose is to enable marketers to automate their campaigns and create more leads and sales at a lower cost by using the automation process. This is possible by the replacement of manual tasks with software. For example, marketers can set up email marketing campaigns in such a way that they can run autonomously and deliver pre-determined results. This gives marketers more time and flexibility to focus on higher-value tasks such as creating and testing their marketing strategies, spearheading innovation, etc. However, marketing automation has been partial.

It has helped automate certain campaigns and tasks but not the entire marketing process. At some point in the future, data science and AI will enable marketers to automate their marketing campaigns fully. They can set up their software and systems to deliver consistent and predictable results. This will make marketing automation the norm and not the exception. Marketing automation has many advantages:

  • Efficiency: As efficiency is the top priority for marketers, this automation process makes the entire department more efficient.
  • Marketing and sales alignment:  By combining sales and marketing in the automation process the marketers will be able to align the goals and efforts of the company at a very high level.
  • Increase conversion rate: This automation process increases the conversion rates and it can also make the team more effective.
  • Accurate reporting: As automation is a high-level technology it presents us with accurate reports.

How AI will change marketing strategies?

Marketers have been using automation and software to help them generate leads and sales for years. However, this has been limited to basic automation and is not significant. This has changed in the past few years with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing. AI is a highly advanced and powerful technology that allows the software to learn, understand, interpret, and interact with the world in a more natural and human-like way. It is helpful in a number of industries, including marketing, to drive scalable and high-value outcomes. In marketing, AI provides marketing insights, drives scalable marketing campaigns, and creates rich customer experiences. When marketers use AI in their work, it is not only more efficient but also scalable. It can deliver consistent and predictable results without requiring marketers to invest time and effort. This is a significant change that will drive significant changes in marketing strategy.

Top software for Marketing Automation

  • HubSpot.
  • SendinBlue.
  • Pardot.
  • Marketo.
  • Active Campaign.
  • Lead Squared.
  •  Campaigner.
  • Infusionsoft.
  • Act-On.
  • Outreport. 

How Marketers will become analysts?

To inform their strategy and improve business decisions, marketers have traditionally emphasised collecting and analysing data. However, in the past, they have only partially done their previous marketing analytics tools had a finite range of capabilities. In recent years, there has been a substantial change in this.

Tools for marketing analytics are now much more potent and can offer a more comprehensive and insightful view of customers and their behaviour. Additionally, with the rise of data science, marketers can now provide higher-quality insights and add more value to their data by utilising the most cutting-edge tools and methods. Marketers may soon transition from being data analysts to data scientists. This implies that they’ll employ cutting-edge equipment. This analyst will soon become professional and start analysing data to support a company’s marketing efforts. They might use their insights to help a company make better business decisions especially increasing revenue or optimizing.

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