10 Amazing Work From Home Jobs for Passive Income

By authors Oct16,2022
Work from home jobsWork from home jobs

Doing work from home jobs and making money at the same time seems like a dream come true for many individuals. You just have to find the right work from home jobs for your personality, interests, and skill set. This list of 10 amazing work from home jobs that will earn you passive income offers several ideas for ways you can potentially earn money on your own schedule!

  1. Become an Affiliate Marketer
  2. Sales lead generation
  3. Social media manager
  4. Online job board manager
  5. Transcribing audio files
  6. Virtual Assistant
  7. Proofreading service
  8. Test web designs for bugs and usability issues
  9. Create graphics
  10. Become a mystery shopper

1) Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is one of the favourite ways to make passive income online. When you sign up with an affiliate network, they give you unique links that you add to your website, social media profiles, and email cross. Whenever a user clicks on these links and purchases a product from a retailer, you get a commission rate which is typically between 2% – 10%.

2) Sales lead generation

This is a very common way to earn passive income. Simply make sales leads and hire people to call them. Sales jobs can typically be done from anywhere. If you are a great salesman, then you should consider it as a passive income source.

Freelancing: Freelance writing, graphic design, programming and IT services are all examples of things that someone with remote work experience can do online. Freelancing is one of the most common forms of work-at-home jobs and therefore is value mentioning on its own accord in your list if you have some experience in any of these fields.

Virtual Assistant Work: A virtual assistant helps out clients remotely with a variety of different tasks like answering emails, scheduling meetings or other work-related activities. Virtual assistants make an excellent work from home job because they can help out clients while working around their schedule and doing so virtually means they don’t have to be physically present which allows them more flexibility than many other jobs.

Internet Marketing/Affiliate Marketing: These two go hand in hand but essentially internet marketing involves promoting products or brands online while affiliate marketing involves promoting someone else’s product or service and earning commission based on how many people buy through you rather than directly through them.

3) Social media manager

Social media managers interact with fans and followers of their company’s social media accounts especially on a daily basis, providing customer service, responding to questions and encouraging interactions. Social media managers may manage an established account or multiple accounts from start-up businesses. Either way, their goal is to increase brand awareness and drive traffic back to their website. If you like being active on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, consider starting your career as a social media manager.

4) Online job board manager

If you have a background in business administration and are eager to go into self-employment, setting up an online job board might be a great way to earn extra money from home. These businesses are set up as web portals. Where companies can list their opening for free or for a fee. The fee will depend on whether your job board is focused on listing permanent. And part-time, temporary or freelance jobs.

5) Transcribing audio files

One of the best and easy work from home jobs. It is actually a little bit passive. But it does require you to listen to some audio files. So your income will be limited by how many of these tasks you can complete in an hour. Transcribing audio files isn’t horribly hard but depending on how fast you type, it may take a while! I’ve done it before and paid around $2/audio file.

6) Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants help out with small tasks that don’t require a ton of expertise. If you’re a skilled writer and have an eye for detail. You can find remote work as a virtual assistant through websites like Upwork or Virtual. Virtual assistants can perform tasks from making phone calls on your behalf to proofreading and even managing your schedule. If you just have to do everything yourself, hiring a virtual assistant is probably cheaper than paying extra hands to get it done.

7) Proofreading services

With more people working from home, it’s no surprise that many folks are looking to hire remote proofreading services. Proofreading can be a difficult job for those who aren’t used to it. That’s why there is an abundance of remote proofreading services. Available people will pay someone else to do their work for them. So, if you like fixing errors in text and want to earn some extra income as a freelancer, try becoming a part-time proofreader!

8) Test web designs for bugs and usability issues

Today’s businesses face more competition than ever. To stand out from your competitors, you’ll need to create an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website design that doesn’t detract from your products or services. If you aren’t a designer yourself, then why not hire one? Designing a website is one thing—ensuring it works well on all devices and browsers is another.

9) Create graphics

Graphics, design, and images — these are all things you can create and sell as digital products. Freelancer is a great place to find jobs like these; you can also build your own site on Upwork or Fiverr. While graphic design may not make you much money online, it’s a great skill to list on your resume if you’re looking for a more traditional business job.

10) Become a mystery shopper

Mystery shopping has grown exponentially, especially in recent years. More businesses are relying on information from mystery shoppers to improve their business practices, and people are getting a chance to work from home for some big names like Best Buy, Applebee’s, Target and more. If you’re considering working from home, it might be time to get started as a mystery shopper.

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