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Hey all hope you doing well today in this article we are going to talk about the trending technology which is called datafication. As per the term datafication we can say that is something which is related to data. So it is a very interesting and important topic for the next generation of students and job seekers. So let’s go deeper about datafication and its usage in the future of technology.  

What is datafication?

Datafication helps businesses progress their products and services by using present data. It is an important module in collecting customer feedback about the quality of the products and services offered by any company. This business module helps companies to make their product more efficient and accurate as per the customer’s behaviour and usage. In the process of datafication the information is collected from the users or customers and this information is used for various purposes in building a product or making the product more efficient.

How is data-fication used?

As we notice that everything is converted into data information from sports to finance and from entertainment to healthcare everything. The best example of it is that we create data every time we talk on the phone, SMS, tweet, email, use Facebook, watch a video, withdraw money from an ATM, use a credit card, or even walk past a security camera all this thing consists of our data which can be used for various purposes. The notion is unlike digitization. In fact, datafication is far larger than digitization. This astronomical amount of data has information about our identity and our behaviour.

Datafication helps us to understand the world in a way which was never done before we can get easily get the information of anyone through this data. New technologies are now accessible to consume, store, process and visualise that data. Organizations are using them to get benefits. The best example is marketers analysing Facebook, Twitter and other social media applications data to determine and predict sales. Companies straddling from all sectors and sizes have started to realize the big benefits of data and its analytics. They are beginning to advance their capabilities to collect and analyse data through datafication. Bernard Marr gives us one example to better understand how businesses use data.

Take data-driven marketing strategies for example. As one of the most important characteristics of digital marketing, this process involves collecting customer insight through various channels such as social media, email and other digital platforms. The information can be used to generate personalised campaigns for each client and target the right audience.

What are the uses of datafication?

  1. Building a new product
  2. Making more accurate applications
  3. Marketing strategies
  4. Making new companies
  5. Advertising

Building a new product

When companies are trying to make a new product, they require some data according to their product so they use the datafication to get the information for their product. And using this data they build their product which will be according to their customers.

Making more accurate applications

There are millions of applications which are used in the world, every application is not made accurately so for making the application more accurate they use datafication to take user feedback and make their application more accurate.

Marketing strategies

It is also used to make the best marketing strategies for the companies.

Making new companies

when the New company is built they take the information about how the company should work? how the people should use there product? etc.. this data is taken by datafication.

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