How to make a Strong Password for your web applications.

By authors Apr11,2023
Strong passwordStrong password

Hey, folks hope all are doing well!!! So today we are going to talk about passwords. Everybody needs passwords in day-to-day life. By using Strong password, we make our data safe and secure from hackers and another form of privacy.

A week back one of my friend’s Instagram accounts got hacked. The main reason that his account got hacked is that he did not use a strong password to secure his account. Many people make mistakes while choosing a password for social media accounts and also for some web applications. They choose a very easy password which they will remember easily but this is the blunder mistake they make. So, I suggest you choose the best and most secure passwords for security purposes.

How to choose a highly secured password?

  1. To make a strong password try to include numbers, symbols, and both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  2. Use a longer password.  Using long passwords makes it hard to break and it will be more secure. The long password should be at least six characters long, although for extra security it should be even longer.
  3. Information such as your name, birthday, user name, or email address should be never used as passwords. As this type of information is often publicly available, which makes it easier for someone to guess your password.
  4. Never use the same password which you have previously used. This may be risky for your other accounts if you use the same password. In this case, if your one account is hacked the other will also be hacked easily. All of your other accounts will be susceptible.
  5. Avoid using words that can be easily found in the dictionary. For example, swimming1, marigold0 etc. would be weak passwords.
  6. Random passwords are the toughest. If you’re having trouble in creating one, you can use a password generator instead.
  7. The association of different dissimilar words in your password or passphrase should be done.

Why choose a strong password?

As we can see rapid growth in cyber-crime and Cybercriminals, this cyber-criminal may hack your related person’s account, send you a friend request, and then start collecting information about you that can be used to hack your accounts. If something like this happens you will be in big trouble. If any of your social media network accounts are hacked, then you should be public about it, and post something like, “Alert, my account has been hacked. Do not respond to friend requests, direct messages, or chats from my account.” Be careful while your social media account is hacked make your friends and family members alert about that and also inform them not to respond to anything from your hacked account.

Above all others, be mistrustful and cautious. Do not believe emails asking you to reset your password. No company will ever send you an unforced password reset or account validation email. If you’re in doubt about a friend request or chat message, ignore it and contact your friend over email or text to alert them to the suspicious request.

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