Poeltl Game (2023)

By authors Jul22,2023
Poeltl Game Poeltl Game

When you’re a fan, watching NBA games is fun; when you play Poeltl, it’s an obsession. There are several reasons for that. You never know who’ll be playing — retired players like Walt Clyde Frazier, Jerry West or Patrick Ewing frequently appear in basketball-themed video games like NBA2K17. But playing against NBA legends can be hard since they often make more shots than your normal player does. To help keep things more level, don’t always start with LeBron James or Michael Jordan as your default — instead choose a player who has roughly similar stats as you do (so if you have 65 per cent shooting, maybe try starting with somebody who also has that number).

If you’ve never played the Poeltl game before, you’re likely confused as to how it works and why anyone would be so fascinated by it that they decide to write an entire blog post about it. If you’ve never heard of the game, allow me to explain: take one person and set them up with a blindfold, gloves and earmuffs, then have them try to guess which player they are holding based on nothing but that player’s jersey number. Sound easy? It’s not!

About the game

Poeltl game is a guessing game with 8 variations. So players get to use their intuition along with logic as they try to identify what photos are real vs. Fake. Pictures of Utah Jazz centre Jakob Poeltl, who became one of last year’s feel-good stories when he showed up at an NBA training camp after being drafted in 2016, even though no one—including himself—had expected him to be selected that high. (Poeltl was born in Vienna, Austria; his father played professional basketball there.)

In each variation of the Poeltl Game, five different photos are shown onscreen for just a few seconds each. Each photo has two answers (real or fake), and players have 10 seconds to answer correctly. There is also a 30-second time limit per round, but it’s not necessary to answer every question correctly in order to win because you can bank your points and move on if you’ve accumulated enough before time runs out.

The Steps to Play Poeltl Game

1. Select an NBA player, but don’t tell your opponent;

2. Player one chooses a number between 1 and 5,

3. Player two guesses that number (or any higher number);

4. If he guesses right, he gets another turn;

5. Keep guessing until someone makes a mistake by choosing too low or too high of a number;

6. The goal is to win three rounds in a row while using only one guess per round;

7. You can also play with or without wagering on your pot size—keep it small for simple fun or bet big for bragging rights! Here are some strategies for increasing your odds of winning at Poeltl!

The Rules

The name of your game is simple: take a famous NBA player’s first name, remove one letter from it and then place that letter at random in a scrambled position throughout another NBA player’s name. If you can read aloud each word as if it were a real person’s name, you win! If not, prepare for humiliation as you watch your opponent whooping it up on his/her way to another Poeltl Game victory.


Q: What is the Poeltl game?

A: The Poeltl game is a guessing game with eight variations, where players use their intuition and logic to identify real versus fake photos. It involves identifying photos of Utah Jazz centre Jakob Poeltl and determining if they are real or manipulated.

Q: How does the Poeltl game work?

A: In each variation of the Poeltl game, players are shown five different photos of Jakob Poeltl, and they have a few seconds to decide if each photo is real or fake. There are two answer options (real or fake), and players have 10 seconds to respond to each photo.

Q: Who is Jakob Poeltl?

A: Jakob Poeltl is a professional basketball player who plays as a centre for the Utah Jazz. He gained attention in the NBA after being unexpectedly drafted in 2016 and has since become a feel-good story.

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